Smile Direct Club Has Shut Down! What Are My Next Steps?

Assessment of Current Status

Now that Smile Direct Club (SDC) has shut down, many people are wondering what to do next and how they will finish with their current treatment. We are certainly glad you asked and are here to help! First and foremost, it is crucial to seek orthodontic care from a qualified, trained professional who can deliver safe and effective orthodontic treatment. The at-home (Do-It-Yourself) aligner systems, offered by SDC, present several disadvantages to the patient. One of the main concerns is a lack of professional oversight. The benefit of having a trained orthodontist consistently overseeing your treatment is that these individuals have undergone extensive training specific to the alignment of teeth and jaws. Their specialized knowledge ensures a deep understanding of orthodontic issues and the most effective treatment methods.

Additionally, being seen over regular treatment intervals and providing real-time adjustments typically yields safer and more ideal results. In most cases, our office will be able to provide you with a comparable treatment plan to replace your Smile Direct Club plan following a free consultation with our office. By setting up a free consultation with us, we can restart with a new aligner treatment plan so that you get the same- or better- care from our practice than you did with Smile Direct Club. This free opportunity will give us a chance to thoroughly evaluate your situation and present a more personalized treatment plan tailored to your functional and aesthetic needs. We will be with you every step of the way!

Can I Transfer My Current Treatment Plan To Another Orthodontist?

In this case, it is better to think in terms of a “fresh start” rather than a transfer. Since Smile Direct Club has halted trading with immediate effect, we cannot access your records or pick up your treatment plan exactly where Smile Direct Club fell off. However, who doesn’t love a fresh start? We think it’s just what the doctor ordered!

How Soon Can I Start My New TX Plan?

The timing depends on a variety of things: your consultation, the complexity of your case, the demand for aligner trays, etc. However, we will do everything we can to put you on a new path to straight-smile success as fast as possible. We also will encourage you to remain in your most current aligner that you have received from SDC so that your teeth don’t move back while you wait on your new aligner trays.

Is There a Discount If I Am Partway Through Treatment?

Our office will provide some discounts to previous Smile Direct Club patients especially if there is no orthodontic insurance available. We are truly sorry for the unfortunate circumstances brought about by Smile Direct Club’s shutdown and want to assist in any way we can. Since we are likely unable to duplicate the same fee or pick up the fee where you left off, we do offer customizable and flexible payment plans that will make continuing your orthodontic treatment affordable for you and your entire family.

Additionally, our financing options and relationships with a wide range of insurance policies can assist in lowering your out-of-pocket costs and not break your budget. We’ll work with you to get the smile you desire and the treatment you deserve!

Will My Insurance Cover My New Treatment Plan?

We advise you to check with your insurance provider to determine your lifetime maximum for orthodontic treatment. Every policy is different, but we will be happy to assist with the verification of any benefits and help answer any questions you may have.

Is It OK to Stop My Treatment and Just Leave the Teeth As They Are?

Ultimately, the decision to leave your bite as is or seek orthodontic treatment is a personal one. However, before deciding to stop any orthodontic treatment, it is extremely important to fully evaluate the status of your current condition with a trained professional. Deciding to leave your bite as is will depend on several factors such as your overall health, the severity of your bite, and your personal preferences. The alignment of your teeth and how they come together is critical for oral health and the proper functioning of the jaw.

As the teeth are moving, there will be phases where your bite may not be correctly balanced. If left unchecked, future concerns with chipped and/or cracked teeth, gum recession, or unwanted tooth movement can occur. It is so important to consider the long-term impact of leaving your bite untreated and receive guidance on the most appropriate course of action for your oral health and well-being.

Have More Questions?

We have more answers! Please feel free to call our office with any additional questions you may have or set up your complimentary consultation with our office!