Orthodontic Treatment Myths Debunked!

The web is talking, and we are listening! When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there’s a lot of noise, and we are here to set the record straight. Listed below are 7 orthodontic myths we are ready to debunk!

1) I Am too Old for Braces or Any Type of Orthodontic Treatment

Age is nothing but a number in this industry! Whether you are 8 or 80, the same physiological process occurs when moving teeth through bone. In adults, the bone may be a little thicker, and treatment may take a bit longer, but age will not keep the teeth from moving. Don’t let age be a reason “not” to change your smile.

2) Anyone Who Provides Braces or Aligners is an Orthodontist

While some general dentists or online companies offer braces or aligners, only an “Orthodontist” who has undergone additional years of advanced training can call themselves an orthodontic specialist. It’s definitely not worth the risk of damaging your smile by working with someone who is not a trained specialist. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) offers an exclusive membership to trained orthodontic specialists only. You can use their website (aaoinfo.org) to find a trained orthodontist in your area to give you your best smile!

3) Orthodontists are too Expensive

Orthodontic specialists carefully customize treatment plans, and their fees to reflect the complexity of each case. Costs will vary, and some orthodontic issues can be addressed with more affordable options. However, many orthodontists offer free consultations along with flexible and customizable payment plans, making quality orthodontic care well worth the investment. At Smile Suite Orthodontics, the last thing we want are thoughts about costs preventing you from achieving a beautiful smile. This is why we offer solutions that can transform your smile without changing your monthly budget. Why not have the smile you’ve wanted and the savings you love!

 4) Orthodontics is Purely Cosmetic

While an improved appearance may be the first thing you notice from straightening teeth, it is simply the outward sign of better oral health overall. There are other benefits that go beyond the smile! Properly aligned teeth can reduce the risk of gum disease, cavities, and jaw problems while improving functions like chewing, biting, and speaking. At Smile Suite Orthodontics, we not only want to enhance your smile, but we also tailor our treatment plans to consider your overall health and well-being.

5) Orthodontic Treatment is Inconvenient

Straightening your teeth does require some commitment on your part, but modern orthodontic techniques have made treatment easier than ever before. Here at Smile Suite Orthodontics, we help make treatment convenient by offering:

  • Family appointments
  • Same-day start treatment options
  • Free Consultations, which include remote or virtual options
  • Utilization of digital technologies for treatment planning (3D imaging and treatment planning with an intra-oral scanner)
  • Reliable Communication options through text messaging, email, and phone

6) Office Visits Are Unnecessary

No Visits, No Treatment, is a No Go! For the safest, most effective orthodontic treatments, in-office checkups by a licensed orthodontist to monitor treatment progress is essential to success. An orthodontic specialist can access the complexities of each case, monitor progress, and address any issues that may arise during treatment. Without this professional oversight, the teeth can move incorrectly or too quickly, thus resulting in permanent damage to oral structures. At our office, we’ll make sure your teeth are safely moved into optimal alignment so you can smile with confidence.

7) My Teeth Will Stay Straight Forever After Braces

Without the correct and consistent use of a retainer after orthodontic treatment, your newly straightened teeth may start to move and become crooked again. Wearing a retainer long-term is equally as important as the orthodontic treatment itself, protecting and maintaining your beautiful smile into the future.


While there are many myths about orthodontic treatment, it remains a safe and effective way to correct dental issues in adults and children. The world of orthodontics is rapidly changing, and today, a healthy smile is more achievable than ever before. Our hope is that you feel more confident about the process and consider meeting with us to see if it’s truly the solution for you.

Please request your complimentary consultation here for the smile you desire and the treatment you deserve!